Go Team Zambia In Action


Today was an excellent day. I took a team to Pastor Hectors church and Hazelle took a team to Pastor Luckson’s. I preached and so did Travis. The rest gave testimonies and Morgan sang. There was a real presence of God at Pastor Hectors. All testimonies confirmed what I spoke on. A real word for their church. Pastor Hector was really encouraged. I met his wife Susan and two of his kids. He remembered Marc Andrew right away. A lot of the staff at Diakonia remembered different members. The old night watchman is here and Maureen in housekeeping.

Tomorrow we go to Pastor Hector’s church to work with the volunteers and do home based care.

Amanda arrived safely. JJ went to get her with Charles. A real adventure – he got to witness to someone on the bus and pray with him.

Emma Lee is doing great. She spoke in the church that I was in today and did fantastic.
Please pray that God continues to protect and guide the team.

Pastor Julia Benwell

2 Replies to “Go Team Zambia In Action”

  1. Hey Everyone!
    Glad to hear you arrived safely and are having an excellent time with our extended family in Zambia 🙂 I hope someone gave Mama Loveness a great big hug for me! I miss her so much 🙂 You guys are in my thoughts and prayers always. I can’t wait to hear all about the trip when you get home!
    Much love, kate

    PS: Amanda, be on your best behavior. No sleeping bag knock outs!

  2. We are all praying for a safe and successful trip. May God keep you safe in your travels.
    I can’t wait for our games playoff Amanda.

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