October 28 – Malta

Life seems so full when you are spending it in the company of people who are fulfilled and so obviously in the centre of what God has called them to do with their lives. Today was full of many of these conversations – although also of the “more when I get home” type. Sorry.

I did get to spend a bit of time today assisting J in his sail making business. This allowed me to see some beautiful boats – and be handed a Kinnie by a total stranger!

We really need to ask ourselves what it truly means to live a life sold out to God – and how close we are really getting to being in that place. I met a few today. Makes me realize how far I still have to go!



The first photo above is a view from where I had breakfast this morning. There is truly a peace in God’s creation. The second is a view of the Birgu harbor where we were doing some work on a boat. I could definitely get used to this!

Grace and peace to all! Off to Dubai tomorrow night. I’ll see if I can get a short blog post off before I go.

Rick out.

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