Destination Dubai

Yesterday I arrived on another planet.

After a long flight from Malta, and the longest wait in an airport immigration section I have ever experienced, I finally arrived at my hotel in Dubai at 4am! It didn’t help that the bus driver didn’t seem to know where the hotel was. After a (too) short nap, I was up and going again at 6:30. There’s plenty of time for sleeping later!

Those of you who have visited here will know what I mean – Dubai is definitely another planet! Picture the most modern advanced city you can and drop it in the middle of the Arabian desert and will get an idea of what Dubai is like. Anything man can think of or create is on display here – often in it’s most extreme forms. The world’s tallest building. The world’s largest shopping mall. The world’s largest gold ring. The list goes on.

The building below is the Burj KhalIfa – at over 800 meters, the world’s current holder of the “tallest building” distinction. I am told that this will be soon lost to a planned 1 kilometer tall building in Saudi Arabia. I guess it helps not to be building in an earthquake zone.

The “sail like” building is the famous Burj al Arab – what is said to be the world’s only 7 star hotel. Unfortunately my travel budget didn’t allow me to say here – or even go in the door. At starting prices of US$1800 per night, I frankly can’t see why I ever would. But it sure is beautiful and, if I’m not mistaken, I could faintly hear the sounds of Owl City in the distance!

I have a sense that my time here will be significant, if perhaps in a different way. This is “another world” for me in a different sense as well since I am here for a legal conference in the midst of my missions development trip. I’m finding it harder to change channels this time. And having 5000 lawyers together in one place, while very interesting, is also slightly terrifying! (insert large grin here). But I will say that if you are ever in the same, or a similar, situation, the solution is to look for the Nigerians! I ended spending a lot of time last night with a group of Nigerian lawyers at a welcoming event and they surely know how to make a large gathering of lawyers seem like a rollicking good time!

I’m not too sure of what today will hold but I have no doubt that, if I continue to pray, and if you continue to pray with me, God will continue to lead me and guide me as He wants. And that is, at the end of the day, what I want and what I need. Thanks!

Rick out.




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