Brace Position!

My plane crashed today.

Now before you run off to comfort Julia and get more details, let me say that it was a flight simulator in the Emirates Airlines training facility. Just real enough though to let me know that I would never want to do it in real life (duh)!

But it sure seemed real at the time. Complete with real flight attendants yelling “take the brace position” and things flying around the cabin. Felt real. But it wasn’t.

Dubai is a lot like that. Seems real – but there is an overriding feeling of artificiality to the whole place. Sort of like Disney World on steroids!

I get the sense that we live a lot of our life assuming a lot of things around us are “real” when they aren’t. The “shaking and quaking” of our troubles for instance. God’s word says He is with us and will see us through. But all we can see around us leads us to believe that we are alone or that the circumstances will overwhelm us. What will you believe today? The artificiality of your surroundings, or the unchangeable truth and assurance of God’s word.

Choose “B”.

And speaking of unreal …


Rick out.

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