On the Road Again

Well, the 5-star phase of my trip is rapidly drawing to a close. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I will be flying to Lusaka, Zambia where I will be meeting up with Pastor Ted. The “African phase” of my trip is beginning and I am excited.

I realize that some of my comments earlier about the attendees at this conference may have been a bit harsh. Yesterday I spent some time with a group of aviation lawyers at a dinner and the conversations were refreshingly real and “down to earth” – irony intended. It shows me the danger of lumping large groups of people together.

I am now over a week into my trip and it is amazing to see the things God has set out for me. I spent a wonderful couple of hours this afternoon with a beautiful couple who must, of needs, remain unnamed. What they are doing here is amazing and I look forward to sharing a few stories at some time. God is truly good!

I know this entry is short, but I must prepare to depart once again. Next time I write it will be from Zambia, home of my heart.

Blessings to all. Keep up the prayer.

Rick out.


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