November 4 – Kabwe, Zambia

The day today started early in Lusaka. I met up with Pastor Ted and Pastor Pat for breakfast in the hotel lobby and were then met by Rita Prins (representing Visionledd) and Pastor Lucy from another church in Kabwe.

[OK. Slight editorial note here. It’s going to get repetitive constantly referring to my current traveling companions as Pastor Ted and Pastor Pat. I thought of abbreviating their names to initials and, while I would have no issue referring to Pastor Ted as PT, I thought it may be a bit more problematic referring to Pastor Pat as PP. Therefore, they shall remain as they are. Now back to our story.]

The two hour drive to Kabwe is starting to seem familiar to me now. I recognize familiar landmarks and market stops. I am even starting to anticipate the speed bumps on the highway. Yes – you heard me correctly – speed bumps on the highway! They use them to get people to slow down for the roadside markets. Really!

Once we arrived in Kabwe, we checked into our hotel (Tuskers) and then headed over to the Hands at Work office to meet our friends. What a joy it was for me to walk into the office and see Pastor Lawrence Kunda there, along with Trina Nkandu and Pastor Luckson Mabo. These names may not mean anything to you, but for me, and for those of you who have had the great privilege of traveling to Kabwe, you will know that they are heroes and giants.

We they travelled to the offices of Kabwe Home Based Care, run by Pastor Eric Mwambelo and his staff. I had met Pastor Eric once before, but had never seen his ministry, which parallels that of Hands at Work in a number of different locations in Kabwe. One of their successful IGA’s (income generating activities) combines a small subsistence type farm with a piggery and a fish pond to produce income to support their volunteers and some of the local widows they are assisting. A very successful (and, if all goes well, self sustaining after a period of time) operation.

Finally we travelled to the Shamabanse community to visit the Jasmine Road Community School, a school started and supported by Kabwe Home Based Care. The children were just leaving for the day, but it was clear to see from speaking with the teachers that a school with dedicated and well trained teachers can be such a blessing to the children and to the community.

Below are a few photos from the day that I hope you will enjoy.

I’m writing this back at Tuskers for the evening and will post it as soon as I can get an internet connection.

Rick out.







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