November 10 – Preparing for Re-entry

It’s Thursday, November 10th.

This date seemed so far away when I was gettIng ready to leave. But now my homecoming on the13th is rapidly approaching. I view it with a mix of excitement and sadness. Obvious excitement at the prospect of seeing Julia and the kids again after more than to weeks away. But sadness as well for the impending loss of a sense of freedom and adventure that accompanies any long distance trip. And then there is the wonder and amazement at seeing the many things God is doing in so many varied and disparate places around the world. I have been truly blessed to have been able to do this!

This morning I met up with Pastor Franco Onaga, an associate pastor at Watoto Church in Kampala. He was gracious and gave me a tour of their main Central Church (a former theatre and “interrogation” centre under Amin), as well as their Watoto North and Watoto West campuses (yes – they also have East and South). I really appreciate the vision that the Watoto organization has, as well as their obvious sense of purpose in Uganda. They are really focusing their efforts on the widows and orphans of AIDS and, at least to me, it appears that they are making a real difference.

This afternoon we took a walk around town and were able to explore a local craft market. They don’t bargain as hard here as they do in Zambia, but I was able to have a few enjoyable and engaging conversations.

This evening Pastor Ted, Pastor Pat and I attended the mid-week Watoto bible study at the Central campus. Pat delivered an inspiring word that affected many who were there, myself included. IT IS WRITTEN – I AM A SON OF GOD!

My final dinner in Kampala took place at am amazing Indian Restaurant called Haandi where I had the best Indian meal I can ever remember having.

Off to bed early as I need to get up before dawn to catch an early flight back to Johannesburg and then on to Cape Town, my last stop on this great adventure. Please continue to pray, not only for me but for Julia and the kids as well. It has not been an easy two weeks for them and they could surely use your prayers and support until I am home.

Grace and peace to all.

Rick out.










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