The End

Well friends, the end is drawing into sight in more ways than one.

This is day 17 of my 19 day adventure and I am truly starting to dream of home.

I had a wonderful FaceTime chat with Julia and the kids this afternoon. This didn’t help ease my growing desire to be home. But isn’t technology amazing? Here I was, sitting in my hotel room in Cape Town, South Africa, talking with and seeing my family in Halifax Nova Scotia.

The concept of home is something you tend to think of quite a bit when you travel. There is no question that the journey is exciting and fulfilling – and in many ways necessary. But it is the lure of “home” that propels you forward. And while this is certainly true in our physical lives, how much more so is it true in our spiritual lives? Certainly we need to devote as much time and effort as possible to accomplishing the “mission” we have set before us. But how sweet the concept of “home”?

I started out very early this morning from Kampala and, by early, afternoon, was standing in Cape Town – the southernmost tip of the African continent. This is the end of the African phase of this trip and the beginning of the journey home. For those of you who haven’t been here, Cape Town is spectacular. God has created something truly wonderful here in the meeting of sea, sky and mountain. I wish I had more time to be a bit more of a tourist. Maybe another time.

After checking into my hotel this afternoon I walked around for a bit and then had a great Moroccan dinner at a restaurant named, coincidentally, Rick’s Cafe. Then back to the hotel where I sit composing this latest missive.

Tomorrow the plan is to meet up with Gary Skinner, the lead (and founding) pastor of the Watoto church in Uganda, in the morning and then knock about for a bit in the afternoon before heading off to the airport for my evening flight to London and then home.

Please pray for protection for the remaining days of my trip and that I finish strong. Your prayers have been a major factor in the success of my trip so far. Please don’t give up on me yet! There are still things for me to do before I set foot on Nova Scotia soil again.

I look forward to seeing all of you and sharing some of the adventures in person. Until then …

Rick out.




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