GoTeam Atlanta 2012 are on their way!

3:30am. Seems like an impossible time for young people to be awake, let alone gathering at the chapel at the church. But that is exactly what took place in the wee hours of this morning. And a few were already there when I arrived! Amazingly, all 23 members of GoTeam Atlanta 2012 were present and accounted for by the 4am meeting time.

After a final run through of logistics and a powerful sending prayer from Pastor Russ, we were off to the airport. Two check in lines open – one monopolized by a family with “issues”. So all 23 checked through a single agent. All good.

The plane departed Halifax for Newark a minute early at 6:29 am. After a short wait there, they will be boarding another flight for the final leg to Atlanta, where they should arrive shortly after lunch time.

Let’s remember to keep them all in prayer this week as they serve. As I told them all this morning, this week is characterized by thousands (millions?) of people heading away for a week of relaxation and fun. Instead, we have 23 servants who will be working hard and giving their lives away. So proud!

Let’s do our part by providing an all-encompassing blanket of prayer.


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