Go Team Sweden being a blessing and being blessed

GoTeam Sweden continue to serve and be blessed.  The following is a short note we received from Lauren Murphy, the lone (and brave) female member of the team:


We just got back from lunch at the golf course that we go to everyday. At lunch the lead pastor thanked me for doing a good job at sound. What a surprise! I mean I know God knows how hard we are all working but the Swedes are visibly excited that we are here. Amanda is so cool! And it’s great Breanna [Oram – she joined the group in Sweden after a vacation in Europe] is also staying with Amanda because it feels like there is another woman on the team.

 The group dynamics are interesting. Everyone is doing such a great job. God is picking us back up and encouraging us at just the right times. I’ve been mixing for all the services which is such a huge blessing. Before I came I gave up the idea of only doing audio (my preference) in case they needed me to do camera work. It turns out the role is perfect! Praise God! I’m really glad to get to know the guys better and I think it’ll continue to be a blessing to be closer with them back home.

 Lauren Murphy

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