Nain Coming Home!

Good news family and friends, Go Team Nain is scheduled to arrive home today!

They will be arriving in Goose Bay at 1:30PM and departing from Goose Bay to Halifax at 3PM on the Metroliner. ETA back into Halifax at 5PM. However, they will not be landing at the main terminal in Halifax but instead, at PAL’s refuelling facility near the airport.

Take airport turnoff.
Turn right onto Redwing Drive – just past Tims/Cara at the flashing light.
At stop sign, turn right onto Barnes Road
We’re the third driveway on the left – past Air Canada Cargo, EHS Lifeflight and then us – large blue ESSO sign at the bottom of the drive.  #647 Barnes Road
Entrance is at side of building under red canopy.
For further directions:  873-3575.

If that arrival time into Halifax changes, we will be sure to post it on the blog, so like always, check back with us.

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