Day 5

Here’s a message from Joanna Greener:

“Hey Church!

What a jam packed day we had today (Friday)! Can’t believe it’s day five already! This morning we finished off our DVBS program with the kids, they are SO precious. We had an awesome four days together playing, laughing and learning more about Jesus. After DVBS was finished we grabbed some lunch and then headed off to paint a house for a sweet lady who lives here in Nain. Lynette and Bonnie stayed behind to help Juanita with some cooking but YES… even us girls put our painting gear on and went along to help the men! We had some great laughs, and got lots of work done!! After we finished with the house for the day, we headed down to the arena to set up for the clothing giveaway which is tomorrow (Saturday)!

The team is doing super good, we can feel your prayers and are so thankful for them! We still have a full week ahead of us so continue to pray for our strength and the things that God will continue to use us to do! We miss you and love you all 🙂 – Joanna”

20130727-150244.jpg 20130727-150253.jpg 20130727-150300.jpg 20130727-150306.jpg 20130727-150312.jpg

One thought on “Day 5

  1. Great to see God’s work being started in the precious children – they to need to be loved and know that they are loved by God at all times . Seeing their smiling faces and innocence is a great reminder of God’s work that exists in us as children according to His plan .

    Keep up the great work Team , God is smiling down on all of you .

    We continue prayer

    Kent & Gail Connell

    Victor looks the same .. 🙂 Good sport !

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