The Weekend Report

Blog post for Saturday and Sunday, which really feels like three days packed into one! Where do I begin?

First of all, I’m humbled by the simplicity of daily life and the strong faith of this Cambodian church family. In the physical they have very little but in their faith they have strength. It is evident that God continues to supply the needs of this church, daily. 

OK. A rundown of activities: Alan, Agnes and Pat taught adult bible lessons Sat AM then we all ate lunch with church family cooked by Pastor’s wife. Fresh and delicious! Afternoon the church women joined us gals for a time of ministry. That was so powerful and authentic. We discussed the trials and problems we women face in our daily lives and how faithful the Lord is to look after needs. We shared fresh fruit, laughter and tears and their was a time of prayer. We presented the women with scarves as a gift that were given by our friends from home. The ladies we’re so grateful and say thank you. While this was going on Kristen, Sharon presented the wordless book to kids followed by fun activities with rest of team., A fun time was had by all.

Sunday at church was… Spectacular! Worship was sweet and the Holy Spirit came in and spoke in words of prophecy. Our team leader, big Daddy Lowe, Mike, gave an amazing message for the church and we had a powerful time of prayer. 

After lunch with did home visits throughout the village. Oh I wish I had several pages so I could paint a picture of these beautiful, gracious people. Later in the day games were played by the kids and teens, a real blast. 

Back into the church for youth ministry and the Everything skit that the team boldly performed. The teens responded by requesting prayer. These teens face the same temptations and problems our youth have and want desperately for someone to come along side them to encourage them. Once again we were all humbled with their openness and trust in us with their hearts.

As I’ve seen in the last two trips here, there is a ripeness for the ways of the lord and it is a time of refreshing and an expanding of territory for this Cambodian church. Very exciting times ahead! Thank you for all your prayers, we need them. OK time for bed.

Big hug 



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