Monday & Tuesday – Report #1


Wow, what an amazing past two days this team has had!

Yesterday, we had the privilege to visit a small group outreach located in a village about 15 minutes past the church we were at a couple of days ago. We were told that we were the first foreigners to visit this village so naturally, the kids were wary of us. While Agnes, Pat and Al were teaching the adults, the rest of the team were busy with the kids. We brought out some colouring pages and some nail polish and the kids had quite a bit of fun. Yesterday and today were the hottest days so far for the team, it was tough keeping ourselves hydrated and energized. In the afternoon, we did a children’s program which included face painting, ring making and the wordless book lesson taught by two fantastic ladies Sharon and Kristen. It was a tough day, but it was a rewarding day.

Today was a brand new day and another scorcher like yesterday. However today held something new and amazing in store. We started the day by praying for the father of one of the groups key leaders as he had been unable to walk for three years without the use of crutches. Jeannie led the team in prayer and guess what? The man started to walk, he really did! At the beginning he needed some help but after a while he was walking with little to no assistance. God really is the great physician and there is absolutely no doubt that there is power in the name of Jesus!

Home visits were next where we visited several homes and prayed for the people there. The kids today were amazing, we performed the butterfly skit and the kids loved it! The kids had so much fun with it, especially later when Jeannie taught them how to say okay in different tones and voices. It was amazing. We also received a much appreciated visit from Pastor Chuck and his visit there really made the day more special.

We have one more church to visit tomorrow and the day after. Please keep the team in prayer as we have to travel over an hour to get there and also for our health and safety as we have no snow here just the sun and heat.

Luke Shalom Hui


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