Final Word from Cambodia

IMG_1442On Wednesday roads were so hard to travel on that it took us over four hours of rugged, car sickness-inducing travel. So, we packed all the programs for Thursday and Wednesday into one day.

As the second village we ministered in, this was the first time anyone from the West had visited. This village consisted of the poorest outcasts that were sent here to live away from others. It was an incredible opportunity to teach all these children the Gospel, let them know that God loves them and that they are indeed valuable.

The Pastor of this church had attended the church in the first village we went to. Three years ago he, his wife and children, in obedience to the Lord, gave up everything and moved to this very remote area to bring the Gospel to these people. It was a humbling privilege to support this family in their community and we’re believing that there will be an increase of God’s favour with the people.

IMG_5028On Thursday we headed to Siem Reap for a time of reflection, rest and also to do a little exploring. Although our ministry to the villages was completed, our mission was not over.

Anyone who has been on a GoTeam before knows that morning and evening devotions are a very vital part of the mission. GoTeam Cambodia devotional times were extraordinary. This mission trip has caused all members to be stretched in many ways but along with this stretching, God has begun to release people in their giftings. Team members found freedom in worship and began to use gifts that had become dormant over time. There is a new hunger to reach people for Christ no matter where we might be, worship in freedom and a desire to continue to use these gifts that have begun to flourish.

Our mission was to separate ourselves from our normal lives, support ministry leaders in the remote areas of Cambodia, at the same time open ourselves up to what Christ wants to do in our lives. I don’t believe this is only a 2 week plan, nor do I think this is a plan for just the nine people on this team. Many of you have supported this team in prayer, by giving to Birthday Gift to Jesus as well as regular missions giving and we thank you very much. Nine people are coming home with a fervent passion for serving, worshipping and growing deeper with Christ. I would like to encourage you to fan the flame that has been started within these team members, listen to their stories of Gods grace and realize what God has done is available for all who desire it.

Our time in Siem Reap has come to an end and we are now spending eleven hours in the Hong Kong airport awaiting our next flight to Toronto. Please continue to pray that we can rest well. Thank you all. God bless!






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