Day Three – We Need This Arm

Your arm is badly infected. What do you do? Ignore it because – hey – you have another arm even if that one is lost? Or do you attempt to treat it as quickly as possible? Foolish question, right?

What we are seeing here is a part of our body, the body of Christ, that is hurting and in desperate need. We can choose to ignore it. But if we do we risk not only losing a vital part of the “body”, but also leaving the possibility open of having the same “infection ” spread to the rest of the body.  

 We keep hearing the same question: “Why is the church not speaking up for us? Why don’t they come to our aid?” And how do we answer?

Of course we can’t do everything. And, to be fair, even those of us on this team knew precious little about this crisis until this week. But we know now, and we are responsible for what we know.  

 Our team had the privilege again today of meeting with ten (10) Iraqi Christian refugee families. The stories are varied, but are the same in one important detail. All were exposed to persecution, abuse and, in some cases, death for nothing more than being Christian in a place that no longer valued them.

But God is good- and somehow they have almost universally found the faith to remain hopeful (and in some cases actually joyful) in the midst of this crushing persecution.  To say that we have been humbled in their presence would be gross understatement. We are simply in awe.

But we also must do something. And this always starts with prayer. Would you agree to pray with us that these families would find refuge, peace and stability? And that they would not lose the hope that they would, one day, see their homes again? The same hope that eventually saw the children of God return home after 70 years in Babylon.

And can we do our best to raise the alarm so that their suffering is not forgotten or ignored?


We really need this arm.

[Sorry for the “heavy” – but it was that kind of day.]

 “We three kings …”

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