Radio Silence Broken!

Our GoTeam in Zambia has finally established communications (I sometimes think MARS would be easier than Kabwe!). Bottom line is that they are all healthy, safe, and doing fine.

Here are a few bullet points from the (cryptic) texts I have been able to receive:

 · Everything is great. Team is fine. Everyone healthy and happy. Being well looked after.

 · We did home based care this morning and had a needed break this afternoon (Thursday).

 · The eye tests Lillian is doing and glasses we brought are a huge hit.

 · We did meet the volunteers at both Agape and Makululu but, instead of breaking into groups to get to know them as we have done before, we did mini mobile clinics with eye testing for the volunteers!

 · We also did home based care at both sites.

 · Went to see Luckson. He is home from the hospital. He was in and out 5 times! Heart tests came back clear. Our team thinks it is simply a case of bad acid reflux.

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