Great Day in the Bush

Short update as I wait to board my flight to Johannesburg: 

“Great day in the bush again [doing more mobile medical clinics].

We are going to Pastor Hector’s church in the morning. Sharon and Joanna are giving testimonies and I (Pastor Julia) am speaking.”

One thought on “Great Day in the Bush

  1. We who live in Canada – Nova Scotia are so Blessed to be born where we live today, we go on these mission trips knowing that we will be a Blessing to others . But when we see how others live and their joy in the simple things of day to day living to survive, we suddenly realize that some of the things in our world of living really are nothing and are not even necessary for our exhistance even for our day to day life . You Missonary ladies of Rock Church are doing a wonderful job and God is Smiling upon each of you, He Blessed with His children as He intended us to do by helping and loveing one another unconditionally daily .

    God Bless all of you

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