Day 4 – Souls Harbour

The team has been learning and growing this week, challenging each other to seek God more and more. Today was spent serving at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. The team started the day by making 125 sandwiches to serve at the Mission. But the team sure was a mean, lean machine!! Some mayo-ed, some ham-ed, some cheese-ed and some bagged and we finish in less than a half hour!

Thu 1

In the afternoon, we headed over to Soul’s Harbour to help them serve lunch, which they do daily. The food was prepared by the amazing Chef Les! We got to serve, meet lots of people, and talk to some of the guests. The room quickly filled in and people came to have some meal and some chat time. The whole team was busy serving and doing some work for the staff at the Mission.

During the break time, Cliff and Brenda shared some words of encouragement with guests. Their theme was beauty arising out of ashes. Such an apt message especially for people who may be experiencing a lot of ashes or struggles in their lives. They did an incredible job!

Good News Chapel

Evening time was church time! Souls Harbour hosts a small church service every Wednesday night at 7pm at their mission. It was so nice to join them for this! Judy and Aileen shared their testimony- both pointing to the love and faithfulness of Jesus in their personal lives. Then Ayo brought heaven down by bringing a message on trust, about letting go and letting God. We ended the evening with some chat time with the volunteers, the facilitators, and the attendees. Truly Souls Harbour is a lamp in this community, bringing the light of Christ into a dark world. It was an honour to spend time here and to encourage them in their service for people whom society often views as “the least of them”.

Thu 6

How to Help?

  1. Volunteer – Souls Harbour is always looking for volunteers to help with their daily lunch service. 1-4pm.  This looks like serving food, assisting in the clean up, and spending time chatting with the guests and the other volunteers.
  2. Donate – cash and other food staples are a huge blessing for them.
  3. Prayer –  Souls Harbour’s work is motivated by God’s love for the people in their community. Pray for a covering, for provision, and for the presence of the Holy Spirit to continue to be with this ministry.

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