Day 6 – It’s a Wrap!

How time flies! Go Team Halifax has now finished the last day of our trip. 

The insight gained through the week allowed for both a change of perception and of heart in many team members. The team may not have flown away to a different place, but in the heart of the city we discovered another world so different from what most of us are familiar with. In the North End, we found a community very different from what media would show us. While it’s true that poverty, drug abuse and violence are prevalent, this community has a quiet strength, with people who are dedicated to serve and to love their neighbours. The experience during this trip brings a lot of depth to the Word of God that says “man is created in His own image..” These people are no less human and no less valuable.

Our last activity was to serve again at Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission! After serving it was time to go home. CTV News heard about our team, and came to Souls Harbour to interview us. Little did we know that they had chosen our group to be the Maritimers of the Week! It was great to have the chance to showcase some of the awesome places where we have been able to serve this week.
It was a good week and in the team’s hearts it echoes strongly Jesus’ challenge to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. Our very own city is a field ready for harvest. And who, therefore, must stand in the gap? Who now must be the hands and feet of Jesus? Who now are the workers called to these fields? Surely we can not let ourselves fail to heed this call.

We all agreed that this doesn’t feel like leaving or the last day, but instead a beginning. We ask that you continue to pray for our city and for the amazing people working here day after day to serve this community. And yes, with the help of God, we pray that we will come back with more hands and with more strength to do what God asks of us- To do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.

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