November 11, 2016

Go Day November: Metro Turning Point

Our inaugural GoDay was a huge success. The team spent the day at Metro Turning Point, assisting them in sorting their storage and donation space. Metro Turning Point is a shelter for men experiencing homelessness in our city. The staff there is amazing and are truly committed to serving these men and helping them through a difficult time in their lives.

When we were finished Mandy- the Shelter Nova Scotia volunteer coordinator – actually let out a “woohoo!!!” when she saw what we accomplished. It was such a great feeling to work hard and see how blessed they were to have the help. This is a busy time of year for them for donations, so to have the space cleaned up and ready to go was a big deal.

As a team, we were all thankful for the opportunity to serve. Though different from a missions trip that takes you away overnight, the focus and structure of the day was very similar. We were very aware that we were not serving in our own strength, but with the Holy Spirit’s empowerment. This is where God’s heart is – with those who are broken and hurting. We encourage you to consider participating in an upcoming GoDay!

What a great opportunity to serve and love people right here at home!

What you can do:

Metro Turning Point is in need of donations-  toiletries, food, coffee/tea. They can be delivered to their location on Barrington St.


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