Hope Blooms! – April 17, 2017

GoDay April 1.jpg

We were honoured once again to have the privilege of supporting the works being done at Hope Blooms.

Our team of eleven, geared up with pick axes, shovels, wire cutters and wrenches . But the star of the day was the Chevy Tahoe, which successfully brought down a chain link fence and posts to make way for a brand new fence.

In the spirit of our GoTeams, we also served in the greenhouse and around the garden doing “other tasks as required”.

It was also inspiring to hear the stories, trials and successes of Hope Blooms. The story of Hope Blooms reminds each one of us that rather than spend our time complaining about the dark, we can change the atmosphere by courageously turning on the light.

 Rock Church should be proud of these eleven amazing individuals who served and gave of their time to show the love of Christ to an organization such as Hope Blooms.


Ayo Aladejebi – GoDay Team Leader

GoDay April 13

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