Domingo – Day One


Today our adventure began fairly early as we left Kabwe on the bus to drive to the village of Domingo. This village is “in the bush” and the drive there is extremely dusty and bumpy because the roads are very poor.

After getting stuck in the sand [again?] on the way, we were so happy to finally arrive – as were the people who came to greet us, singing and dancing!

We began a day of teaching with a session on basic hygiene, followed by “teacher focused” information sessions and mother/baby care workshops. During it all, Heather made 100 peanut butter sandwiches out of the bus to feed everyone – so hats off to her today!!

We have now returned to Kabwe for the evening and will be returning to Domingo for another day of teaching tomorrow. Everyone on the team is healthy and we are bonding very well together. Please continue to pray for us as we carry out our mission.

We love you and miss you all.


p.s. I finally got my suitcase! Yippee!!

[Sharon’s was the only suitcase of 19 not to arrive with them in Lusaka on Monday.  It finally found her today!!]


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