Domingo – Day Two


Today we began our day bright and early. We had our breakfast and hopped in the van to begin our bumpy and extremely dusty journey to Domingo once again (so dusty we had to have klenex over our faces the whole way there!!).

Once we arrived to Domingo part of the team led the teachers workshop for the volunteer teachers of Agape, Susu and Domingo. There was lots of singing, laughter and of course learning involved.

The other part of the team taught the “Days For Girls” course to girls ages 12-18. A total of 75 girls were taught about their cycle and received a “Days for Girls” bag!!! I have never seen such joy to receive underwear before and of course emotions came rushing through… again!

As we were teaching we saw a woman holding and petting a chicken and found it odd. Little did we know we would be eating that chicken two hours later – with some nshima of course.

After a long day we headed back home. Tired, sunburned, and hungry but also so happy with the results from the workshops.

We will definitely miss Domingo and it’s friendly faces.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Julia Moraes



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