Saturday = Why


Today was a satisfying and sobering day. We had a chance to see the staff and volunteers at MWC do what God has called them here to do. We rode the buses in the morning to pick up the children they visit for their Saturday Morning Sunday School program. When we arrived back at the church, we had a chance to join in with the kids and dance and sing (yell really…). Many of our team were very moved and touched by what they experienced.

We put our work clothes on after lunch and cleaned up the final bits of the jobs we had worked on throughout the week. Stan and Mark finished filing a stairwell, Esther started and finished scraping another stairwell and Alexa, Cassie, and Debbie wrapped up the painting and cleanup.
Laundry took any free time up to our last supper at the facility – a hearty spaghetti. We had another awesome and surprising devotion and shared coffee and a cookie with another team member from Virginia. We are all in bed early now in preparation for an early day tomorrow to get to church.

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