Saturdays are for Sharing


Today we started our adventure with a little more sleep and a hearty breakfast. We were encouraged this morning about the importance of our choices and how we would react in every situation. An important lesson that is so easily overlooked.

Today’s agenda consisted of meeting with a passionate group of volunteers from the local community, to share about how important it is for the whole family to be involved. Nancy, MarcAndrew, James and Pastor Julia shared why it is important for children, youth, men and the whole family to participate in volunteering and how the whole family could make an impact on the community. The local volunteers were engaged and receptive with the new and fresh perspectives they were hearing.

Sharon then lead the group in a teaching about hygiene, and why we should be holding ourselves to a cleaner standard as community workers. She lead the group in multiple demonstrations on proper hand washing, and how to keep their home environments clean and sanitary for cooking and living.

Amidst the teaching, James and MarcAndrew were deep in the woods searching for materials to use for their hand washing station. This was a field engineered station which allows you to tip a bottle of water on your hands while cleaning with soap on a string. They worked hard in the sun and propped up the station neer the closest facilities. The best way to practice proper hygiene is having an accessible and efficient place to wash your hands.

We then broke for lunch and had the privilege to serve locally cooked food to the group of volunteers. There were a number of “unique” dishes to choose from and definitely a difference from our North American cuisine. But the volunteers were happy and their stomachs full, which is all that matters. And of course after serving them, we were able to take part and try for ourselves!


After a time of food and fellowship, we gifted the volunteers with individual gift packs for each one. Something full of practical, sweet and even fun items. Something to show them that they are valued and loved. It is important to recognize the sometimes unrecognized and these volunteers more than deserved the love we showed them today.

We said our goodbyes and climbed into the bus that we trusted to bring us home. Arriving home was shortly followed with an amazing meal and a time of nightly devotion. There were also rehearsals taking place for the presentation we are preparing for tomorrow’s morning service – including a skit, stomp and testimonies.

For now it is time to say goodnight and rest for our day tomorrow. I’m excited for what it will bring.

Talk soon,


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