Life Lessons (for us)


This day started with us worshipping the Lord with our brothers and sisters in Zambia [Pastor Luckson’s church]. The presence of the Lord was among us as we sang and danced. The thing that amazes me the most is to see how much they praise the Lord – it’s the kind of praise that shows how much they need Him.

What I mean here by “need” is that they need him to breathe, to survive and to live. How come people that have so little are so rich and the people that have everything are so poor. We have missed so many blessings by staying away from God and acting as if the world belongs to us. In this way, we are the biggest losers in this day and time.

We finished our day by sharing supper with various Zambian families. We shared together about our stories, family, losses and blessings. Through this we have become closer and have realized how similar we are to each other. God, pain and joy are the same throughout the world, that is why we are all brothers and sisters.

James Gesse

This morning in Pastor Luckson’s church I talked about “It’s Time to Get Moving” and how the church and Christians are so inward focused that we spend all our time gazing at ourselves and figuratively sit down. God wants us to get up and follow Him!

I was so encouraged last night because one of the verses that I used and the topic I spoke on was on a bumper sticker inside Luckson’s car. Luckson said it was a huge God thing.

Pastor Julia

Here is the picture …


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