Loveness & the Girls


Monday: a day to be inspired and somewhat tired too – in a good way!

Our morning devotional on prayer and not losing our “first love” set the mood.

We met with Loveness and the Shalom community volunteer caregivers in the morning.  All of them over the past number of years have become widows themselves – some quite recently. We then divided into smaller teams and visited some homes with widows and prayed for each other.  These servant leaders gave us such faith and hope.

After a quick peanut butter sandwich lunch in the van, and a bumpy ride, we arrived at our next destination where Sharon led the “hygiene and health for girls” seminar. The girls kept arriving at the church building in a steady stream throughout the afternoon! We talked about how beautifully made and how special they are to God.


Outside James and MarcAndrew built yet another hand washing station. Each one gets better than the last.  This one ​really worked well and was very popular especially with the young!  Alan spent time with the church leaders and the local counselor Christopher, (who also drove us to our destinations).


A wonderful day! God is so good!




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