Heather’s Opus


I was up at 4:30 this morning, coffee in hand, dessert for tonight’s supper already made and french toast with banana for breakfast. Yet I still managed to be with the team at every location, helping and generally keeping an eye on everyone and everything.


Today is our last day in Kabwe, a wonderful time meeting with Pastors Charles and Clement at Makalulu Home Care Centre, headquarters for Kusamala Project, a community-based farming and training centre, a flagship for Zambia’s community focus on raising the standard of living.

Back for an egg-sandwich lunch and fruit salad.  Pastor Lawrence and Melody always have five things to do, but they always seem to find time for us!

I have now started preparing the meal for tonight, when we will share our last celebration with the wonderful “Together in Action” team. Tomorrow we are off to Livingstone for a short time of relaxation and debriefing together before our long two-day journey home.

“I do not Blog – but I am looking forward to a great big squishy hug from Don!”

(aka Heather)

[I may or may not have embellished that last bit – Rick]


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