Notes from Pastor Julia

Tonight [Tuesday] we had supper with the Zambian leadership team. They were all so grateful for everything that the team has done. It is so good to be among friends!


When we asked Pastor Lawrence what was his favorite part of our time together was this time – he couldn’t pick! He enjoyed every aspect of what we did. This is what we mean when we say that we are blessed to be a blessing. It is so nice to go home knowing you have been used by God – and we have been able to leave a real deposit, however large or small, in the lives of the people we met.

We were even able to connect with the neighborhood children who live next door to our guest house! [Lillian says “Hi” to all her friends in Canada!]

Whenever we get together with our friends here, we realize what a God-inspired relationship Rock Church has with the community of Kabwe – and we look back with fondness and reminisce over the 9 years we have had together so far. The influence of Rock Church in this area can be seen in many ways. Let’s keep that going!


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