A Day to Adapt

It was a long, but good, trip yesterday from Halifax to Toronto to Houston and, eventually, to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Everyone travelled well and we received all our bags. Hallelujah! But the flight got in an hour late and we were delayed by an accident on the way to our hotel, so it was almost 3am, local time, before most team members finally hit their beds.

As a result, we started late this morning with a 10am “brunch”, followed by a short walk to a local park and then a mall to acclimatize ourselves to the altitude (over 9000 feet) and become familiar with our surroundings.

We were back at the hotel mid-afternoon for a late lunch, followed by more down time before our meeting at 5pm with local World Vision staff.  We heard from the country director and his security staff on vision, program and logistical details. A really amazing and hard-working group for sure!

Then back to our rooms to pack (early morning departure for the coast) and a group dinner to end our first amazing day in Ecuador.

Please keep us all in prayer as we show Jesus’ love, as well as the love of the whole Rock Church family, to the WV staff and children of Ecuador.

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