A Day to be Amazed – Tuesday

Today was draining – but draining in a good way. A lot of emotion and energy was drained out of us. Like watching a good play. A play in three acts …

Act One – We arrived at a small hillside ADP community outside of Santa Ana where World Vision had helped to install a water purification system. The local women were excited to tell us how it had changed their community and their lives. And they served us local bananas.

Act Two –  We visited the local school, also supported by World Vision, and heard from the principal how the WV curriculum was helping the children. The children put on a play of the “Alice in Wonderland ” story. And we had bananas (and watermelon).

Act Three – After lunch we visited a “Child Friendly Space” created by World Vision for the local children after the earthquake last year. A few of them put on a really good play about honouring your father. We had no bananas.

In the afternoon we drove 4 hours south to Vinces where we will visit a few more ADP projects tomorrow. Please keep the team in prayer. We are all doing well but the days are long, hot and tiring.



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