Wednesday- A Day for Hats

We spent last night on a banana plantation. And yet the day still had the ability to surprise us with even more new things and experiences.

After meeting two more sponsored children over breakfast, we took the bus, and then a series of small trucks, to a small church in the fields to hear how the community has been impacted by World Vision. Then, after a trek over a very “rustic” bridge and more small trucks, we arrived at a school where we were treated like royalty and treated to a lay and a mock emergency drill!!

Finally, we were taken to another school in Vinces where we were greeted with hats for each team member and then hosted as VIP’s once again as the children danced, sang and displayed their handiwork. It is truly amazing to see the last GE and effort the local World Vision staff put into their areas of responsibility.

A late lunch was followed by a long drive to Guayaquil, where we caught a flight back to Quito.

We are now off to bed in anticipation of what adventures tomorrow may bring. GoTeam Ecuador 2017 out.


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