Friday – A Day for Going Higher

Wow. All I can say is “what a day!”

It’s that feeling when the clouds suddenly part and you can clearly see the mountaintop. We had that today. Figuratively and literally.

The day started with a trip to a volcanic lake high in the mountains. This was (and technically still is) an active volcano that exploded and the cone filled with water. The view was spectacular and it was even more fun when we got to take a boat out on the lake. We could even see the gas bubbles still in through the water. The fact that I am writing this tells you that we did, in fact, escape unharmed. 😀

In the afternoon we had what may have been one of the most significant events of the trip.

We went to a joint project of World Vision and a church in Texas at a small community called Lavioletta high in the Andes. After a somewhat harrowing drive, we arrived at a beautiful compound with a school and a church at an elevation of over 3000m and an amazing view of the mountains.

Even more stunning were the people. We were greeted with Canadian flags and balloons that they had obtained the day before. And then we had the privilege of joining them in worship with the most beautiful songs. This was surely a high point in very many ways!

We then took the long drive back to Quito where we will finish our adventure on Sunday and begin our journey home.

Please pray that we remain healthy, accomplish EVERYTHING God has for us, and finish strong.


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