Day 1 – Gratitude -The people we came to SERVE 

We landed at noon and headed right to Metro. We dropped our stuff off in our rooms and Sharon, Bonnie, Rhonda, Roman & Cole were whisked away to the grocery store to buy team food for the week.

The rest of us met with Simon and Pedro to go over our task list for the week. Not too daunting and it seems definitely achievable.

Getting to know those we are here to serve!

Simon – is the youth pastor and maintenance coordinator. He came to Metro two weeks before 9/11 and has been here for 13 years and counting. He met his wife Liz here and they have two children 7 & 9. They have been blessed with a large apartment, a parking spot and back garden for their children to have safe place to play. They could never afford ALL of what God has provided for them on their income. But he firmly said “God is always one step before them”! Which is the confirmation you need when raising a family here, it’s not always easy.

Our reputation precedes us!  

This isn’t to toot our own horn, but for you at home who have supported missions and have never physically stepped foot in a building here….stand tall, feel proud, you are known, loved and appreciated by the staff here for the teams you sent over the last 10+ years!

Bill from the IT department (10+ year employee) ran into us while we were working in the hallway. He said, how many of you guys are here? I said 12? He said where are you from, I said Nova Scotia, Canada. He said Ahhh, what’s the name of that church up there? I said we are from Rock Church. His face lit up and said YES, you guys are amazing!! He said whenever your teams come you don’t just leave a mark you leave a HUGE footprint with everything you do! Thanks for coming again!

As we worked today hanging drywall, taping doors for painting, and literally just walking down the hall, people were constantly saying “thank you”, “thank you for coming” and “thanks for helping us. The sense of gratitude was so overwhelming it was almost embarrassing. I was thinking, we are just taping the door off, it isn’t that big of a deal. But to them and a comment Pedro made earlier “hey, what you guys get done is one less thing for us to do after hours”. The staff here have to juggle many hats. But what really stood out to me was they function so easily with a heart of gratitude. Having a thankful heart and mind for those around you is one thing. But saying it out loud and making sure those around you know how much they are appreciated takes it to a whole other level.

So I encourage you to look around you over the next few days and put into practice, thanking those who volunteer to do things that may be little or big. It will mean so much them!

We have had a long day and are all tucked into bed for the night! We have lots to accomplish tomorrow!


Pedro & Simon
Hanging drywall
Counting & sorting with Liz (Simon’s wife)
Taping the doors
We are fed well!

​Perspective of how big this building is and why it was such a big project!  And this is only the basement level!

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