Day 2 – A 3rd bottle of water

We had a special guest join us for breakfast this morning, Cassie!  She has been stretched in her first month here but she is doing so well, fits right in, you all should be very proud of her!

Breakfast with Cassie

After breakfast we had a really busy day jumping right back into our projects.  It was VERY hot today!  With the humidiy it felt like 39 degrees, inside and outside the building.   I’m not sure if you have ever tried painting in that kind of heat, but it gets hot and sweaty really fast!  And paint doesn’t tend to dry too quickly.

Alexa and Rhonda started to paint the many backs and fronts of the doors in the main corridor and hallway, only to find out 4 doors later they where given primer instead of paint.  No worries, they just carried on with the new paint given to them and repainted the already primed doors.

Carolyn and Anne Marie were tasked to doing loads and loads of laundry left over from summer camp. They had to fold, count and separate everything by colour.  Then they went on to do admin work, getting together a large mail out.

Graham, Vic, James and Roman have cut, taped and almost finished mudding the stairwell.  Again, very challenging in the heat today!

Cole and I were on Graffiti duty today!  Over night the two outside doors were vandalized.  We were given graffiti remover (who knew such a thing existed) which worked on one door not not so good on the other door.  So we ended up painting both doors with a two fresh coats of paint and they look brand new!

Well I guess we did a good job because Gary (Maintenance supervisor) decided to give us an even bigger graffiti job!  The whole side of one of their buildings.  I grabbed 3 bottles of water and we were off to our job site.  Only to find out that was our divine appointment for the day!

As we literally were melting on the streets of Brooklyn painting over the graffiti, when along came Lloyd.

Lloyd wanted to help me out and show me the proper technique for painting over graffiti.  I tried to refuse his help but he insisted.  So I stepped back and let him teach.

He was loving every second of it.  So I asked if he went to Yogi Bear (nickname for Metro sidewalk Sunday school program) when he was a kid.  He said oh yeah that was a long time ago now, like wow, back in the 80’s.  He then told me he got into some bad trouble and has spent most of his life in prison.  He told me he has been out for a bit and is trying to get good work and stay home (meaning not going back to the big house). He just really struggles with finding work, being and ex-con.  I asked if he knew Jesus, he said he did.  During our time I was able encouraged Lloyd and at the end I asked if I could pray for him.  He was very thankful and then asked if we had any money to help him or even a drink….I had no money but I did bring the 3rd bottle of water.  He was very grateful and we shook hands and he was on his way.  Lloyd just wanted to have someone to talk to and feel like he had value to add.  He has had a rough life.  So many people have a story either here or home if we just take the time to listen or ask questions, you would be surprise where people are coming from or going through!  We ran out of paint and will finish tomorrow.  It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to a marked up door or wall!

We went for a quick trip into the city for some ice cream and a walk around.

We may have worn out Vic and Bonnie today!

Back home and off to bed to rest up for another full day!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – A 3rd bottle of water

  1. Praying for you all! I guess you’re finally experiencing some serious summer temps!
    Great to see all the smiles :). Proud of everyone

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