Day 3 – You just need to… 

Another early start to the day.  Cassidy joined us for breakfast again, which was great!

We headed out to finish up some projects. Cole and I finished the outside church wall.  Andreas from down the street who has lived there for 38 years came out to inspect and let us know all the spots we may have missed.  Since the graffiti was gone he wanted his street to look good and it to be done right!  So that is what we did for him.

Andreas pointing out the missed spots
The finished product…Andreas approved

Carolyn and Anne Marie were working hard again in the office with Princess and her team.  They were later joined by Cole and Marni who helped them finish up all the projects on the Admin teams list.  Princess was very thankful for all the help to get these mail outs taken care of.

In the Metro Won by One office

Victor and James were tasked to a new hallway Gary wanted to get finished while we are at his disposal.  They use very thin drywall here, which has to first be glued and then nailed.  I know what you are thinking, you are suppose to use screws when hanging drywall, which is correct, except in a really old hospital building.   Screws break apart the old stucco so nails are the best option.

Victor hanging drywall in a new hallway today!
James at the other end of the hallway

Bonnie and Sharon have been doing a fabulous job feeding the team and blessing many other staff members in the building with meals.  Today we delivered 4 lunch meals up to the Admin team staff.  Ben was so excited that he didn’t have to buy lunch and was blessed with a full chicken dinner!  Meals on wheels from Canada!

Bonnie and Sharon – Best cooks we could ask for

Graham and Roman (around the corner) finished the second coat of mud on the stairwell. Sanding and a possible third coat tomorrow.

Graham loving his newly found gift of mudding

Our special dinner guests tonight!  Mandy, LeShaun and Leanna!  Mandy has been here for 11 years and is from Saskatoon.   And of course Leanna is Canadian if you didn’t know and is from Chilliwack, BC.

Mandy, LeShaun and Leanna

Tonight after supper we had the privilege of taking a bus to Cassidy’s last sidewalk site for the day.  We jumped on the transit bus and found their location.   They go and visit all the kids the day before passing out flyers to let them know to come to sidewalk Sunday school the next day.  Then the next day the truck goes out and they go to 3 different sites, I believe 3:30, 5:00 & 6:30pm. The team cleans up and heads back and they usually don’t eat supper those days until after 8pm.   The schedule is definitely intense.  Metro usually has 100 interns and they have 48 right now this semester, all the work still needs to get get done.  That’s why you can see how much they value a team coming in like ours.

Waiting for the bus

Sidewalk was a great experience.  The truck goes out into communities of the kids that can’t get to their program on Saturday’s.  The truck literally pulls up on the side of the road and has church there.

Sidewalk set up

This is a short video of what it looks like on the side of a very busy street in Brooklyn.​​

​There was a lady there named Sherry.  She thanked us all for coming at the end and said she use to bring her daughter years ago, who is now 34 and now she brings her 2 grandchildren faithfully every week.
Rhonda was talking to Keith, one of the facility cleaners here at Metro.  He told her he came from a really rough area and had a hard life.  He said he had never heard of Yogi Bear/Sidewalk Sunday school when he was young.  He said he use to cry himself to sleep every night, because all he wanted was someone to love him.  Rhonda said, in that moment you didn’t see a 40 something year old man you saw a little boy.  Metro makes a big difference in so many kids lives, it is a wonderful program, you just wish you could reach them all.

Cassidy sharing the lesson, she did GREAT!

Carolyn was tired from walking on the way home so I gave her a lift.  She had a great laugh and can’t remember the last time she got a piggy back ride.  You never really know what experiences you will have when you go on a missions trip.  The team will stretch you, impact you spiritually, emotionally and you will create new friendships and bonds with people in the church you never had before.  The only thing I can say is what was ironically the last graffiti we painted over today.

You just need to……

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