Day 4 – Don’t miss your moment!

We joined Metro at 830am for their staff meeting.  It is really great hearing from all the departments that make this machine run so smoothly.  Side note: all the different departments and our GoTeam played a trivia game throughout the staff meeting.  The winner of the game would win a pizza lunch.  You will be happy to know our GoTeam won the trivia game!  We of course gave our pizza lunch winning to Leanna’s department.

The video below is one a clip of a song they sang before the staff meeting started, “Break Every Chain”. It is a very relevant song for the things they have to deal with on a daily basis.  Whether it is breaking poverty, abuse, neglect, or addictions with the families and kids they visit….there is power in the name of Jesus!

After the 3 hour service/staff meeting we went right to work!  Check out how good the stairwell looks!!! They did a great job.  Pastor Chad told me Gary has been working on these projects for the past 6 month, and our team got it done for him in less then a week.  It is such a load off Gary, he was so grateful today!  He of course is asking when we will be returning.  Another Pastor said they could never add up the thousands and thousands of dollars our teams have saved Metro over the years!

Roman & Graham sanding it down
Vic sanding to perfection!


We started another project today.  We are helping them wrap presents for the kids for Christmas.  Today we wrapped 576 stuffed puppies in a few hours.  Metro’s goal is to give 35,000 kids in New York a present for Christmas.  So no child in their program will go without getting a gift for Christmas.

Marni, Carolyn, Anne Marie, Rhonda and Alexa – wrapping party


The LeBlanc family got to go out to one of the sidewalk sites today and meet their sponsored child, Adriana who is 9.  Adriana was very quiet (which is normal for her) and the Metro staff say she is a very sweet girl.  Rhonda just sat beside her on the mat, no words needed to be exchanged.  Adriana just kept looking up at Rhonda, a smile says a thousand words.  Lots of hugs were given and the love for Adriana was very apparent from the LeBlanc family.   The boys got to help out with the sidewalk site.  And of course other kids were attaching themselves to Rhonda saying they were her new adopted daughters.  Rhonda’s long red hair was a hit with all the kids and the parents/grandparents.

Cole, Roman, James, Rhonda, Adriana and her God mother
Cole & Roman helping with sidewalk
Two girls who adopted Rhonda

Pastor Tony spoke at the staff meeting and said:  “Most people don’t take initiative because they are afraid of the consequences”.  He also said “you have to take the risk to catch your moment”.

It made me think, it was a big step for Cassie to come to Metro as an intern.  But if she didn’t take the risk and leave everything that she knew, she might have missed her moment.  And she is exactly where she should be and doing so good!

You need to do whatever it takes to MOVE forward! Don’t miss YOUR moment!


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