Day 5 – And then there is today!

Today is the day we all look forward too.  We get to ride the buses to pick up the kids and see Metro at its peak.  But it is also one of the hardest days emotionally.  I’ll start with the easy stuff first.

First we cleaned up all of our jobs from the week.  Below is a picture of Keith who I mentioned in an earlier post.  One of his dreams is to own a house, dog and motorcycle.  Keith is an absolute sweetheart.

We were able to go and wrap a few more hundred presents today. In total we wrapped 1080 puppy presents for the kids.

We then went to wait for our buses.  We were split onto 4 different buses for pick up.

Cole and Roman
Victor, Bonnie, Cassie & Carolyn
Marni & Leanna


And just like that all the buses were rolling up in every direction.

A few pics of Cole and I on our bus with the kids.

Bonnie told me on her bus a little boy had gotten on who didn’t want to be there and was really mad.  She asked if she could sit with him and he nodded yes.  She sat best him and began to rub his leg (conveying to him everything will be okay). Sometimes you don’t need any words, actions speak volumes!

Here is a little video from the girls I was sitting with.  They had high energy and were very excited Yogi Bear (Sunday school) was starting again.  Today was the first day back since June.

But it was this face across the aisle from me that was eating me up.  Her name was Chantee and she is in grade 7. She told me she had 3 sisters and 3 brothers in her family.  The sadness in her face couldn’t be broken. We talked but she maintained control of herself and wouldn’t let go.  I complimented her, told her how beautiful she was.  Told her how good of a big sister she was, but the sadness exuded her.  I could only imagine what she was coming from or dealing with to make her so sad. Her face stuck out to me on that crowded bus.  So many kids yelling and screaming with joy of what was to come, yet she sat with her siblings as if there was nothing to celebrate or be happy about.

Metro had two sessions today.  The first session we went to had just over 1300 (300 preschool age 7 & under) kids.  The second session had around 1100 kids.  Over 2500 kids were reached today, told that they were loved and got to escape whatever their reality was for a brief window of time.  All of us could tell you stories of what we saw and experienced.  Sometimes it is hard to put into words, you just have to see it for yourself.

Preschool Room

Above is the picture of the under 7 group.  Below is a clip of the kids from the older session. There were 1000 kids in this room. They were covering every inch of free floor space.

All I can say after today is, there are people and kids like this at home, not just in Brooklyn, New York.  Circumstances may be different or vary, but there are people and kids all around us that have no hope and are looking for that “someone” to extend an invitation or show that they see them and care about them.   Be that SOMEONE for them!

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