Day 6 – Always Obey

We went to the early service at Metro. It is a church made up from people from the area. They also run the buses to pick up people from all around Brooklyn. The LeBlanc family was able to connect with their sponsor child, Adriana again today, which was another great experience.

During the service there was a young girl (late high school age) sitting in front of us. I knew I was suppose to talk to her with about what God was saying to me. I just wasn’t sure about doing it, as I am not a Metro worker and didn’t want to go against protocols they have in place. The feeling just kept getting stronger and stronger so I knew I had to go to her. I sat beside her and introduced myself. I told her what God was saying and encouraged her with a few things in her life. I felt I was so suppose to give her some money as the final act of obedience to what God told me to do. Her name was Kiana and I finished by praying for her. She didn’t verbally confirm I was right with what I told her, but at the end she leaned her head in resting it on my cheek and said thank you in the softest most gentle way, which was so endearing. I felt peace. The service ended and we went outside. We were chatting with Leanna and some of the interns when one of the bus captains came over and said, “was it one of you who prayed for a young girl in church at the end?” I said, yes I prayed for Kiana”. He said when he got on the bus to get ready to drive her route home, she waved him back and told him what happened and everything I had said to her. He wanted to come out quickly to let me know that everything I said to her was bang on, very timely and she just couldn’t believe what I was saying to her. She was so excited. It was hard for me to step out and do what I did. Especially following through giving her the money, because all kinds of things were running through my head, as I didn’t know anything about her, what if she uses it for something bad, like drugs or alcohol. But I had to just trust God.  If we ignore what God wants us to do, we will miss very important moments we that we could help change or impact someone’s path or life forever. That seems heavy, well it is, especially when you hear stories of what kids deal with day in and out down here.  Always take that extra step, it could be life changing for someone.

We had a quick lunch of leftover everything and then headed into the city to see some sights.  Cassie found us in the city and joined us for supper.  We are looking forward to hearing what is happening with her over the next few months!

We have an early morning tomoorw to catch our flight back home.  See you all soon!

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