Thursday & Friday – Domingo

We are still here.

I didn’t post yesterday for three reasons. First – we were all exhausted. Second – a few people (myself included) were a bit “off” yesterday. But fret not, we are back firing on all cylinders today.

The third reason is that both days had a similar theme and I wanted to see how we finished before I reported.

We travelled from Kabwe to the community of Domingo, a 25km trip that takes more than an hour thanks to the roads (or lack thereof). There we spent both days with the teachers and students of Domingo Community School.

If you remember, Pastor Julia and I reported from here in 2015 when we visited Domingo for the second time. At that time, school was taking place on a rock beneath a large tree. They had built a mud brick school that, in the heavy rains of that year, collapsed. I showed you that as well. Now, I am pleased to show you Domingo Community School, built by community members with help from Pastor Lawrence Kunda’s Together in Action – and YOU!!

During our days in Domingo we taught a few classes, played lots of football (soccer) and other games, gave each of the children a photograph of themselves (as part of a craft), and had the opportunity to speak with, and encourage, Mr. Simon (the head teacher) and many of the other teachers.

Just so you understand, most of the teachers here are volunteers, and many walk for an hour or more to arrive on time to teach from 7am – 2pm, five days a week.

Tomorrow we will have the privilege of participating in the formal dedication of the school, so you will likely hear more then. For now, a few more photos …

Mr. Simon

Melody Piri

Pastor Lawrence Kunda

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