Monday – A Piece of Cake

Finally today came – the day I have been looking forward to all week. The day we meet with 70 of the main volunteers who work, and have worked, with Pastor Lawrence through Together in Action.

Once everyone had assembled at the Diakonia Center (previous teams will remember this), we proceeded to share, to reminisce, to laugh – and to eat! What a wonderful meal with friends.

We presented each volunteer with a bag of gifts, including food, an umbrella, a soccer ball, some material (for the women), a watch (for the men), and a few other small items. They, in turn, presented each of us with a carved bowl and cup.

Pastor Kingston Piri acted as MC and had everyone in the room laughing as he walked around the room getting each person, in his or her own dialect, describe the piece of cake he proudly held aloft. To sit and see the entire room of volunteers, many of whom coming from situations that we, in Canada, might call “desperate”, was something I don’t think I will ever forget.

And now, we are back in our rooms, packing, and preparing for the long journey home. We leave Lusaka tomorrow, make a short stop in Livingstone for debriefing and a bit of rest, and then continue home through Johannesburg, Frankfurt and London. Please continue to pray that we complete this mission well and return home safely.

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