Will You Listen?

Today we started with devotions.  We have determined that we will take every opportunity to impact those around us while we are here.  You can imagine the distractions around us, being in the big city, but we are anxiously awaiting starting our work here. 

Today is Metro’s day off, but Gary, the maintenance/building manager was working.  He came into the kitchen and we said hello, but he was quiet and left quickly.  We’ve worked with Gary on all our projects here for years.  Not everyone that works for Metro is a believer, but we love them and have built relationships with them from years of serving here.  To our surprise Gary came back about 20 mins later and sat down with us.  We talked about what he’s been up to over the last year and the work we will be starting on Tuesday, he is happy we are here because we lighten his load. Andrea invited him to have breakfast with us tomorrow morning which he gladly accepted. 

The team is a bit tired from our long day yesterday and being up early.  We poked around lower Manhattan and the 9/11 memorial. We had the chance to talk to the security guard, Tony, at the memorial.  He had quite a stressful morning and just talked and talked and told us about his life.  So many people have a story and just want someone to talk to/listen, I encourage you to be that someone for a person today!

The team is doing well and is in bed early to get a good rest for tomorrow. 

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