Boxing Day

Well it’s Wednesday and we were all moving a bit slower starting out today.  It didn’t take long to get into our groove once we began to work with the people here.
Our tasks today were: finish the kitchen mural, clean cement splatters off main doors and windows, move a desk to the 4th floor and assemble it, sand 2 pillars and repaint them, clean all vents on 3rd floor (50 filters), finish cleaning 1st/2nd floor windows on the other side of the building, assemble 800 boxes, put mural on wall of a classroom. We didn’t take a lot of pics today as we were quite busy.
Mural complete ✅
Desk assembling ✅
Filter cleaning ✅
Window washing ✅
Sign application ✅
This is Mandy and Leanna, they are a dynamic team here at Metro, and are fellow Canadians 🇨🇦
Highlight – Padro had lunch with us today!  Not just lunch, he insisted on buying pizza to treat the boys.  I tried to give him money but he refused!  Padro is another employee with Metro in building maintenance.  He started just before we came last year and we have created a special relationship with him since our last visit.
One of the 2 tables of boxes to be assembled
Assembly line
800 boxes later.  So now I know you are wondering why we assembled 800 boxes.  They are getting ready to fill them with a turkey and all the fixings for 800 families for American Thanksgiving.  They will give these families a thanksgiving dinner that they can not afford.  It makes you think how we sometimes take for granted just running to the grocery store and pick up things on a daily/weekly basis without a second thought.
While we were on the subway later today, a lady got on a gave her speech about not being homeless but hungry….if we could give her some money to buy some food.  I had a granola bar in my bag we gave her, then the man beside us took a cookie from his daughters lunch bag and gave it to us to give to her.  She thanked us and said God Bless you.  Again, none of us are in the situation to need to beg for food, we have so much, but often times give so little.    But when we stepped out and gave something it inspired the man to do the same.  It was like a chain reaction, it just made me think how easy it was yet we tend to sometimes give the bare minimum or just what is required in all different aspects of our lives.
Which leads me to the lady a few of us met today, Joanne.  She is from Ohio, and volunteers at metro every week.  For a year she has been commuting from OHIO!!!  Now I know you won’t complain about your commute after you hear about Joanne’s commute.  She drives in early Tuesday morning from Ohio to Brooklyn, a 12 hour drive.  She helps Wednesday – Saturday and then leaves after the Saturday sidewalk program and drives home….12 hours.  She’s home Sunday/Monday and does it all again Tuesday!  Now that is another level, but she feels so strongly about helping, this is what she does.  She is looking to move to Brooklyn, but everything hasn’t lined up yet.  She has some older children (which she adopted) with disabilities.  So moving from state to state is a bit complicated to have everything in place for them.
The team had a great night together unwinding and having fun!  Someone may have been crowned king or queen of chugging 3 bottles of water back to back.  We are looking forward to seeing what Thursday brings!

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