Paint ‘n Chips

Thursday started off with our usual breakfast and devotions.  We began our final push for getting our list completed. Cheryl and Andrea started the new project in the cafeteria where we sanded and painted the pillars.  They painted detailed artwork onto the sides of the pillars.  Lots of concentration and a steady hand went into this project and they did an amazing job!
The rest of us painted more doors and rails all over the building from the basement to the 4th floor.  Sorry no pics, you can only take so many pics of grey doors.
We then headed to the warehouse to help count chips for this weeks sidewalk treat.  First meet Gary and Steven.  They work in the warehouse receiving, sorting and distributing all things needed for Metro.  They were both born and raised in Brooklyn and grew up through the Metro sidewalk program.  Gary since he was 5 years old and Steven since he was 8 years old. It made an impact and has changed their lives that they now both work for Metro in the warehouse.   They are prepping the warehouse now to start receiving all the Christmas presents for 20,000 kids!  Some days they work from 6am to 10pm at night, because the work has to get done.  Metro has a deal with Frito-Lay right now that they are given all chips Frito-Lay is getting rid of (not expired).  Gary and Steven drive to Boston once a week to pick up the chips and bring them back to Metro’s warehouse.   These guys are walking testimonies of Metros program making a difference.
So what did we do at the warehouse…a bit of FIFO (first in first out).  Gary and Steven threw the boxes down to us and we counted and labeled the boxes with how many, size – small or medium bags and then sorted the boxes by flavour.  We counted just over 12,000 bags of chips in 2 hours.  It was hot, in the 30’s again, but we had fun and had to recount a couple boxes, because counting that many chips hurts your brain.
What happens after you count that many bags of chips…..sometimes a robot appears.  And for those who may be wondering, we didn’t eat one chip or take one bag.
They send out about 18,100 bags of chips to sidewalk sites during the week and 1,300 bags for Saturday’s site.  So just under 20,000 kids are being reached on a weekly basis.
We also met a man named Dale who came in on Wednesday.  He is from California, a retired gentlemen who currently sponsors 20 kids every month.  He comes faithfully every year to visit each one of his kids in person.  He told me he came in December last year but it gets dark so early he couldn’t get good pictures of his kids at each site.  He is a sweet man with a heart for Metro and the kids!
We stayed in tonight as hurricane Michael has it quite rainy and humid here.  We went to bed early as tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Our team is actually being sent out with the trucks to experience and help with the Sidewalk Sunday school sites. We will be in 3 different groups spread out all over Brooklyn.  We are walking into the unknown but excited to see what God has in store for us and ready to serve!  Keep us in your prayers!

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