Coming Home

Today we said goodbye to Padro.  The guys loved working with him, he has a great personality and is hillarious.
Last night the front of Metro and a van got tagged, so Padro and Keith were busy cleaning that off.  We would have loved to help them but we were getting ready to leave on the buses to pick up the kids for indoor sidewalk.
A picture of their trucks that go out and do sidewalk in all the different neighbourhoods.
Today 24 buses went out to pick up over 1000 kids for indoor sidewalk.  We were split into 3 different groups and assigned to buses.  We were on our bus route anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  So not only are you picking up tons of excited kids you have to entertain them while you pick up more excited kids.  We talk to them, do colouring sheets, throw a ball around and play games.   We all had great moments on the bus with the kids.  Lincoln met his match with a boy who crawled all over him, punched him (trying to escape) and may have bit him, all in a days work!
This shot of the buses doesn’t do justice to how many there were.  They are excellent at directing all 24 buses in, and unloading all the kids with precision.  Imagine the weight of moving 1000 kids and not losing one!
They have sold the other location where indoor and church use to be.  They have now partnered with a local church and use their building on Saturday’s for the program.  Now they are able to do one big session on Saturday, instead of two, because they have the space to accommodate a huge group.
The famous Leanna and our final goodbyes!  She serves this ministry well with a good heart!
Thank you to the church for supporting our team, Missions and those who prayed for us!  The team made an impact and represented all of you well!  I am very proud of all of them, some are even planning their return next year!  But for now we are coming home!
Marni and GoTeam Brooklyn 2018!!

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