From the top to bottom!

From the Top to Bottom!

Today we got up, had breakfast/devotions and then started our day with Gary (building manager) putting us to work.

Jenn and Brenda made their rounds painting doors throughout the building that needed a fresh coat.

Chris and Godwin cleaned all the heat pump vents from then 5th floor down and finished before lunch! They had their system down!

The rest of the team was assigned to 2 different roofs of the building to remove 3 layers of plywood (wet) and a layer of styrofoam. It had to be torn up and taken down to the basement courtyard. It was hot, heavy, and dirty work. Some had to reach for muscles they haven’t used in a while…or ever, but we got the job done and laughed our way through the pain.

We also came across a few critters while clearing the roof!

From way up there…

To the courtyard…our massive pile of lumber and styrofoam we took off the roof.

We love to travel all together in the elevator and either sing, have staring contests or take pics.

We had supper, devotions and just hung out together as we were all pretty tired!

Christopher made us his famous cookies for a bedtime snack!

We will all sleep well tonight and start again tomorrow. Team is doing great!

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