Warehouse Shuffle

Well this morning Gary brought us special donuts for breakfast!! Which vanished very quickly!

Today was warehouse day! We met up with Stephen and we had to shift the small cage room all around! It first started with counting almost 6500 bags of chips, and stacking them away. Then rearranging the room as 20 palettes of toys were arriving for Christmas and we had to fit them into one of the two rooms in the warehouse in an organized manner.

Lots of assembly lines helped make the work go faster. Also, a fun way to test each other’s hand eye coordination and the speed of a box whipping at you from any direction.Counting thousands of bags of chips!

Below we are removing the old shelving so we can stack the 20 palettes of toys up to the ceiling. Just to put it into perspective, the palettes were dropped off outside the loading door. The palettes are too tall to bring into the warehouse how they are shipped. The team had to unload half of every palette onto another palette to bring them into the warehouse. So 20 palettes quickly turned into actually moving 40 palettes of toys.

The first 13 palettes arrived before lunch.

Taking a break talking to Bruce about his refurbished pop corn machine.

We finished up with the warehouse and moved on to moving furniture throughout the building.

We have had two very physical days of work and we were all pretty tired. This pretty much sums up how we all felt by the end of today!

We hung out together and just relaxed tonight preparing for another day of work tomorrow. It’s a very rewarding tired, but we are enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other a lot better.

Waiting for whatever tomorrow brings!

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