This morning we finished off patching the walls on the first floor, tomorrow we will sand them down and do a second coat.

Part of the team finished moving props to their new location. I think Christopher enjoyed this task, every time I came around a corner he either had something in his head or was posing with a prop!

We had an early lunch at 11:15am as we had a meeting at 12noon about what to expect on sidewalk and then had to be ready to go out with the trucks by 12:30pm. We were split up into 5 different groups and headed out. We all returned home between 8-9:20pm. We obviously had a late supper and then just debriefed on our day doing 3-4 sidewalk sites all over the city. It was definitely the team highlight so far, and we were all pretty much wrecked from our experiences out on the street in one way or another. We just told story after story to catch each other up. We are still processing what we experienced and the post on all of that will have to wait until tomorrow!

To be continued tomorrow…

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