Meetings and Moves

Yesterday Gary surprised us with donuts again, he’s so sweet. We then went to the Metros staff meeting/church. We got to hear how Metro is working around the world. This past week they had 204,000 kids in Sunday school.

Jacob got to play one of the new games they test out on staff/interns before they do it at sidewalk Sunday school….he won!

It was also Pastor Bills birthday on Friday, he turned 71 years young.

We finished our drywall projects and touched up the walls with paint. We went downstairs to hang out with Gary and say goodbye to him and Pedro. Gary is a jujitsu instructor and was teaching us some moves. This was some bonding time, Gary shows us what to do if someone has a knife/gun pointed at us or grabs our throats.

Unless you are Mark, his hands were so sweaty Gary didn’t know what to do with him…lol.

After lunch and a rest, later in the afternoon we headed in to check out Central Park and ate supper at Chick-fil-A. We roamed around the city and had. Great night together.

We had an early morning ahead of us as we had to be ready to go at 715am Saturday morning to be debriefed on Saturday bus duty and yogi bear.

It was going to be a long but interesting day!

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